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To Put it Simply:  Birch Gold Group is a great option for new investors looking to start with a low minimum investment. 


Birch Gold Group Review


  • Low minimum investments
  • Great customer service
  • Works well with new investors
  • No extra investments required

Birch Pros & Cons


  • Emphasis on education from the very start
  • Buyers and investors won
  • Their expertise is leveraging precious metals for building a more solid portfolio and preparing for retirement
  • They are knowledgeable and advise on the best outcome for every customer
  • They pride themselves in serving people first


  • The setup fee is a bit higher than a conventional IRA, but it is on target with fees associated with precious metal IRA
  • Minimum investment is $25,000 so it may not be for most first time investors
  • Wire transfer fees

When it comes to investing in gold and silver, Birch Gold Group is an excellent option. 

Who is Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group is a well-known group that works with precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, and even platinum. These metals can become the basis of helping you build your retirement.

The firm is based out of California, and permits investors to make purchases online. Although they offer customers the ability to purchase online, they offer physical gold as well as retirement options with a
gold IRA investment.

The primary goal of Birch Gold Group, like Augusta Precious Metals, is to offer a valuable education to all who inquire from the start. It's all about building a solid foundation with years of knowledge and history of the marketplace to help buyers and investors understand how precious metals work.

The education that the firm offers is more pertinent in 2021. This is because the education teaches buyers and investors how precious metals protect against inflation when invested wisely.

The question is, "How diversified is your portfolio?" History is a great teacher, and it acts as a guide for us to tell us that precious metals values work opposite of paper currency as we know it.

The marketplace can change within hours. Can Birch Gold Group, or other contenders like
Goldco be the answer to securing your financial future for retirement?

Birch's Fee Structure


Minimum Investment

Yearly Fee




Precious Metal IRA 



What About Fees with Birch?

 It is important to know what types of fees the firm charges before you jump in. You should know what to expect before you sign on the dotted line. 

 There are several types of fees you'll look at before you move forward with the firm including a minimum investment and standard fees. 

 1. Setup Fees: The initial setup fee is $50. This is determined by the Equity Trust Company, a chosen and trusted partner that works with Birch Gold Group. This fee is higher than a conventional IRA. 

 2. Wire Transfer Fee: Equity Trust also charges a wire transfer fee of $30. This is for wiring funds into your account. 

 3. Storage Fees: Those who opt for physical gold will pay storage fees in order for the firm to store your gold bars or coins. Birch has an annual storage fee of $100. There is a maintenance fee of $80 to aid in maintaining the account. Storage type and fees vary. 

 Although most fees are standard, Birch Gold Group does have promotional offers that apply for their customers within certain limits. Some other companies that offer promotions include Lear CapitalJM Bullion and Monetary GoldThese include deals for new accounts. 

  • All IRA's over $50,000 have no fees for the first year. 
  • All purchases in excess of $10,000 get free shipping. 
  • Certain guidelines will allow for up to $10,000 in precious metals at no charge to the customer.  

Who Should Invest with Birch Gold Group?

Those who are just getting started with the purchase of precious metals or opening up a gold IRA should consider Birch. The rewards of working with someone who has knowledge of the products that fit your needs is important.

This also means that you want to work with someone who can steer you away from the products that are not suitable for you.

Although getting great advice on how to invest is good, it is also wise to get help from a firm that will not waste your time dealing with depositories as well as custodians. Work with a firm that can act on your behalf without the hassle.

Why Makes Birch Unique?

The one thing most folks want to know is what makes Birch Gold Group unique? While they still offer precious metals and gold IRA's, they still take a unique approach to how they handle their customers and offer their products and services.

The firm is deeply committed to educating its customers and answering questions. The basis for working with every customer is to take the approach that everyone gets a custom financial strategy.

The second unique characteristic of Birch Gold Group is that they offer IRA specialists that are solely dedicated to helping setup and answer questions as they pertain to gold IRA's.

Last but not least, their staff has a wide range of experience. They have a wide range of expertise on staff including brokers of commodities, financial advisors, wealth managers and many other types of representatives with experience in finance.

How Do You Get Started With Birch?

You have read the information about Birch Gold Group, and now you want to buy gold or set up a gold IRA for your retirement?  

Meeting with a specialist from Birch is the very first step you'll need to take. You'll want to sit down with them and ask all of your questions.  

Should you already have a 401K, your IRA specialist can help you determine whether or not what you have can be rolled over into a gold IRA.

There will be rules regarding your eligibility on any level, and you'll know what steps you have to take to finalize everything.

Creating your account will require assistance from a custodian.

Birch has their own experts to help you from the start, and to help you stay on track.

The experts will always offer recommendations for each customer based on their history and future goals.

Any account that does exist can be rolled over into a self-directed IRA.

This is why the experts come in handy at Birch Gold Group. They can offer advice and direction on all of your investment choices.

The funds from the approved account will be used to start the new IRA, and they will also aid in the purchase of the precious metals that are desired to be on file with the customer.

Storage will also be accounted for when it comes to the new customers at Birch. It requires that arrangements be made with an approved depository.

Overall this is the process for the new IRA process with Birch Gold Group, and the steps are similar for those who are doing so with cash. However, the funds would need to be wired to the firm.

Those who are working on a cash basis will also be able to send a check to the firm to get their account started.

Once they have received your funds, the account can be set up. They can begin purchasing the designated precious metals that you and the representative have discussed. The purchase of physical gold requires storage, which you have already discussed with your representative.

What is Right for You?

Everyone must make their own choice when it comes to purchasing precious metals or choosing to open up a gold IRA. There are a variety of options, and clearly Birch Gold Group has several to offer.

Those who are new to investing in precious metals or those who are experienced will find that working with Birch Gold Group is hassle free, and the representatives you work with will happily take their time to ensure that they help you understand the process.


While every firm has their pros and cons, Birch Gold Group has more pros.

We give them a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for their willingness to educate their customers, provide valuable content, and offer special deals and competitive fees for transactions.

Birch Gold Group offers investment minimums for a wide range of budgets. They also make it a point to share valuable insight into who is an ideal customer for their company. Purchasing precious metals and opening a gold IRA is not for everyone.


Taking the time to review their website will help you understand whether or not these options are best for your portfolio. Birch Gold Group is forthright about helping individuals think about their retirement and preparing for their future.


What makes Birch Gold Group unique is their ability to maintain their recognition as an industry expert and maintain their record of providing excellent customer service. They have become a household name making them the trustworthy choice for precious metals.

Overall, those who are looking for options to purchase precious metals or delve into opening a gold IRA can feel good about giving Birch Gold Group the opportunity to serve them.


Always take the time to research precious metals firms online before you make a final decision. Every individual has a unique financial position and great care should be taken in researching firms that offer precious metals for physical purchase, storage, and gold IRA's.

Last but not least, make a list of your financial goals for now and write down your long-term vision. Take the time to write down all of the questions you have regarding the precious metals industry, including purchasing, storage, and opening an IRA gold account.


Precious metal IRA accounts are funded with precious metals. The benefits are always held in the best interest of the customer, and they while they do function differently from traditional IRA's, they function the same.

Keep in mind that a gold IRA is different from a conventional IRA. This means that rollovers may not be permitted, and that fees may also vary depending on your personal level of investment.

Those who wish to diversify will find that Birch Gold Group is a great choice. This also means that individuals who are seeking a tax-deferred investment option will benefit from working with Birch Gold Group.

Only you can decide if working with Birch is right for you. Seek the advise of those you trust including family and friends, and anyone who has sound experience in working with the precious metals industry.

While the mainstream media may cause you to fear your financial situation, remember that you can always seek wise counsel from numerous experts before you sign on the dotted line.

Today's economy calls for a fresh look at how money works, and a reason to consider other options outside of paper money. The value of the U.S. dollar continues to fluctuate, and although there is a lot of talk about cryptocurrency, it's important to look at precious metals.


At the end of the day, why should you put some time and energy into researching precious metals? The history of how currency works will help you see that precious metals works the opposite of paper currency.

When paper currency is no longer of value, gold will be gold no matter where you are in the world. It is imperative that you begin looking at your options today, and it's important that you contact Birch Gold Group with any questions that you have so you can take action.

The economy is turning on its head, and it continues to change on a daily basis. If you want excellent customer service and a firm that believes in following up with you to ensure that you get the very best, you should make Birch Gold Group your choice.

Without a doubt you won't regret at least taking the first step to contact the firm to find out more about how they can assist you in planning a very prosperous future for you and your family with the help of purchasing precious metals, the ability to store them, and opening a gold iRA.