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People have increasingly started investing in precious metals. 

Therefore, various individuals are tirelessly looking for viable ways to venture into gold and silver investment to attain considerable profits; as you all know that every entrepreneur's goal is to maximize profits in the best way possible.

Moreover, numerous corporations sell various precious metals, including silver, gold, and others.

 JM Bullion is one of these companies that lead in selling these precious metals.

Everything relating to gold, silver, or any other precious metal you can get from bullion. 

This article discusses almost everything that you need to know about JM bullion.

 Let's get started.

About JM Bullion

 JM Bullion, an online seller, dealing with silver and gold products ranging from coins to rounds to bars, deals only with physical bullion, vending silver or gold that is often directly delivered to your home.

 Offering quality products is among JM Bullion’s top priorities.

The firm operates directly with distributors and mints, inspects carefully any new inventory, and ensures that its products are of the best quality.

 JM Bullion coins emerge directly from the mint, in sealed tubes that are brand new; besides, most of its round and bar products are labeled brand new, implying plastic is always used to seal them, and they are always fresh.

JM Bullion is located in the US in Dallas in TX. The company is fully accredited by the federal government, state, and distributors. 

 Being fully attributed and licensed, as their customer, you can have full peace of mind, clearly comprehending that the company you are dealing with prioritizes your security and safety just like you do.

 The company prioritizes customer service and is always ready to welcome any comment, question, or anything, their customer, would like to know.

At JM Bullion, they are always looking forward to serving their customers and making their experience memorable.

 Notably, it is always important to look at the pros and cons of any firm; as the saying goes, everything that has its advantages has a fair share of its disadvantages as well.

However, various stakeholders involved in the company's operations state that the company comprises a user-friendly website, besides offering wide-ranging options that can be used when you as a customer want to inquire about something or file a complaint to one of its representatives of the customer services. 

 The company's reviews from customers are always positive, which has made the company acquire a positive reputation. 

JM Bullion Pros & Cons


  • Wide-ranging metals available
  • Zero service charges
  • Product list which is always up-to-date
  • Has a captivating reputation
  • Offers discounts


  • Zero storage services
  • Not verified by TRUSTe
  • Not included in the US. Mint listed dealers
  • Products can only be shipped inside the United States

Services offered by JM Bullion

 JM Bullion usually offers a variety of services.

The pictures of the products that this company offers and their prices are clearly displayed on their website using gorgeous images that act as crucial attracting points to customers.

Thus before you visit their website for their services, let us take you through what you expect to find when you click on that link that takes you directly to their website.

 First and foremost, it is an exclusively metal dealer that also offers the opportunity to invest with a Gold IRA company

It focuses on selling gold, silver, and other important precious materials. 

Therefore, some of the precious materials that you can buy from JM Bullion include:

The Bullion coins

 The company's coins are usually contemporary metal coins often minted by various agencies dealing with investment purposes.

Some of these coins, including Krugerrand and Maria Theresa thaler, have in the 20th century been acting as currencies.

 However, despite comprising nominal face values and legal tender statuses, the current bullion coins do not penetrate the common circulation.

Some of its modern coins are normally created as uncirculated versions, collectible proof, and business strikes, including the American Gold and Silver Eagle coins.

JM Bullion coins include:

Silver Coins

 The company's silver coins that you can find on their website are made of precious materials

They are normally minted in terms of weight, comprising single troy once fractions and mostly made from silver and gold.

 On the Bullion website, you will find that they are categorized according to grading type, their size and quality, and where they originated from and are among the most company's top sellers.

Gold coins

 Bullion’s gold coins provide a greater starting place if you are looking for a place to buy investment gold. When you buy gold coins from this company, they come in multiple beautiful designs that are well-recognized globally. 

They are characterized by gold purity and issued by independent mints while being offered a backup by the various central banks.

 When you decide to shop online, you will not experience any shortage.

Bullion gold coins include South African, Somalian, Mexican, Chinese, British, Austrian, Australian, and American Gold Coins.

Silver rounds

Silver rounds offered by bullion are affordable, and you can purchase them in small groups.

Silver rounds lack face values; thus are not like the Canadian Maple Leaf or the American Eagle, and you can easily trade them.

 When buying silver rounds from bullion, you are usually offered various ounce rounds characterized by varying designs, and the most common ones are the Silver Buffalo rounds.

JM Bullion pricing

 JM Bullion works to offer you the lowest prices possible, like Birch Gold, Lear Capital and Monetary Gold too. 

On their website, their prices are listed, with exceptionally reduced markups while matching various products.

 I would advise that you visit the various gold website to compare these prices with JM Bullions prices. 

There are no hidden charges or fees at JM Bullion. The prices listed on their website are the actual product prices that you, as a customer, will pay; however, if you want to upgrade shipping instead of using their free method, you will pay an extra amount.

Pricing structure

At bullion, each of the prices of their products is based on silver and gold live sport prices charts. 

You will find that the real-time price is fed into their website because they always gather data from numerous reliable sources to ensure that their sport prices always are as current and accurate as possible. 

 Each of the prices is always on the basis of metal spot price and a small markup

Their premiums added to their spot prices are very low compared to other firms in the retail sector.

In addition to these prices, they give you quantity discounts when you purchase multiple products. 

 You can always check their product pages to see their current prices.

Investment premiums in bullion

 Bullion premium refers to the additional prices you are charged for a product in bullion in relation to its prevailing sport price. 

Calculating bullion premiums is dependent on several major factors

  • Global economic condition
  • National economic conditions
  • Local conditions
  • Market demand
  • Market supply
  • Bullion volume provided or bid upon
  • The objectives of Bullion sellers
  • The bullion products types being sold

Some common bullion rounds’ prices

  • The spot price for Silver Eagle is 80%, while bullion premium is 20%
  • The spot price for silver Canadian Maple Leaf is 84%, while bullion premium is 16%
  • Sport price for Gold Eagle is 96%, while bullion premium is 4%

General investment FAQ’s

How can silver & gold be kept on hold over my retirement accounts?

Silver and gold are usually held for you as a customer in your particular custody in wholly insured accounts but different from the liabilities and assets of the depository.

Where can be my IRAs' valuable metals be kept?

 Bullion Delaware Depository is there for you to store your IRA's valuable metals.

Which types of custodians are employed when doing the real rollovers?

 Equity Trust is usually used when doing the real rollovers

Which investment account types can me as a customer rollover to obtain a valuable metals IRA?

 You are allowed to roll over both 403 (b) accounts or IRAs 401 (k) regular accounts at bullion.

Does there exist any buyback program at bullion? If there is, what is the criteria

 Yes, there is a buyback program. However, the company mentions that it cannot guarantee you a real-time buyback, but no customer has ever been denied a buyback. You are allowed to vend back any valuable materials that you have ever bought from bullion at competitive and fair prices.

Does opening a valuable IRA metal necessitate multiple complicated paperwork?

 Normally, opening valuable IRA metals does not require complicated paperwork.

 In conclusion, visit JM bullion's website to try their deals for any of you who would love to invest in precious metals. Everything about them is on their website. Although you may fail to find everything you want, JM Bullions offers most of the common precious metals.