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Summary of existing reports, assessment of recent sampling and proposals for future work for the Mary Ann Canyon are of the Osceola Mining District, White Pine County, NV - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Mary Ann Canyon Property Gravity Survey GIS Database - RES Gravity & Paleo-Channels Looking East-Northeast - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD  

Mary Ann Canyon Drilling & Exploration of Placer Gold Deposits - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Geo Scan Report (June 2016) - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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The Osceola Mining District in Mary Ann Canyon has been historically one of the most prolific producers of gold deposits in of any of the Nevada regions. Based on the geological report prepared for the Osceola Gold Inc by the geologists at Skookum Geological and samplings from the area., the estimated recoverable reserves of precious medal depositsfor the entire Mav claims is over $2.1 billion and could be as high as $3.6 billion.

These figures are based on a recovery rate of $32 - $40 per yard (.28 ounces per cubic yard). Historical mining in the district was focused on discovering nuggets leaving the majority of the fine gold in place. Moreover, early miners stopped at false bedrock leaving reserves beneath the false bedrock untouched.



The multitude of gold reports from the 1930’s reported a broad range of gold values in terms of dollars/yard. These estimates range from < $1.00/yard to $8.00/yard; two averages are reported as $1.32/yard and $1.78/yard. These values are based on gold at $20.00 per ounce. At $1,000 per ounce the range becomes < $50/yard to $400/yard and the averages become $66/yard and $89/yard. These estimates are based on over 4700 samples taken during the 1930’s around the Osceola District.