Osceola Gold




The mining operation for gold deposits consists of thirteen claims totaling 985 acres, the Solomon 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 claims and the Mav 5-A, 5-B, 5-C, 5-D, 5-E, 5-F & 5-G claims. These claims are located in the middle of the Mary Ann Canyon Alluvial Fan in the Osceola Mining District.. To date 17% of the mine has been developed and has had significant gold returns. Further, all Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, federal and state guidelines and requirements have been satisfied, along with the required Nevada Department of Environmental Protection state reclamation bond and Bureau of Land Management bond. 

The Mav 5 claims are subdivisions of the former Solomon 5 claim. The claims are placer alluvial precious metal deposits, which are gold deposits made by mountain water run-off forming a large alluvial fan. The depth of the gold deposits is up to 425 feet; the geologic report show extremely high concentration of gold deposits with the increases with depth. Additionally the Osceola Gold Company has ample water rights to operate large scale mining claims. Water is pulled via a 25 hp water pump from a local fresh water holding pond that is fed from a 200 foot well and the recirculated water from the plant. The mine has 3000 acre‐feet of water rights on the claims which is enough water to process up to 10,000 yards of precious metal producing ore per day. Electricity is supplied by a Wheeler Power Plant that is wired for 440 three phase.  

The Osceola Mining District in Mary Ann Canyon has been historically one of the most prolific producers of gold deposits in of any of the Nevada regions. Based on the geological report prepared for the Osceola Gold Inc by the geologists at Skookum Geological and samplings from the area. The estimated recoverable reserves of precious medal depositsfor the entire Mav claims is over $2.1 billion and could be as high as $3.6 billion.