July 11, 2021

The 5 Best Gold Investment Companies - 2021 Review

Some of the links in this article are from our sponsors. The list below is an honest review after hours and hours of research, experience, and consumer-based feedback. 

These days everyone is talking about the coming crash of cash.

The USA is seeing inflation again, and with gas prices going up and the value of the US dollar going down, it is unlikely that anyone will be investing in cash-based assets.

There are 5 top gold investment companies reviewed below that every investor should consider. I will share those that are my top favorites, and how I came to this conclusion.

The Top Gold Investment Company Comparisons for 2021


#1: Goldco- Our Top Recommendation


  • Lower yearly fees than competitors
  • No option to be penalized
  • The best company overall for investments in precious metals
  • 15 years of experience
  • Highly-rated customer service

#2: Augusta Precious Metals


  • Award-winning Gold IRA company in the USA
  • Specialized customer service departments for your needs
  • Simple to open up an account with them 

#3: Birch Gold 



#4: Regal Assets


  • No excessive rates
  • Offers buy-back program
  • Wide selection of products including crypto
  • Investments are 100% insured

#5: Noble Gold 


  • They refrain from using high-pressure sales tactics
  • Low investment minimum
  • Stellar customer service ratings
  • Easy setup for your account

Our Summary: 

Financial security is extremely important, especially when considering the state of the world right now.

Making the most of your money and retirement is what could potentially save you and your loved ones from the effects of an upcoming financial or political crisis. 

Diversifying your portfolio with the most recognized asset on the planet is a great place to start! 

Read our gold IRA comparison information below to find the best fit for you.

To jump to one of the top Gold IRA investment companies in the USA, click their name below: 

#1: Goldco - Best Overall


The first gold IRA company on my list is Goldco. There are several reasons that Goldco makes it to the top of my list including:

  • Lower yearly fees than most 
  • A myriad of stellar customer reviews 
  • Highly-rated customer service 
  • The best gold investment company overall - offers numerous precious metals 

 This top gold IRA company sets itself apart from other investment companies in the USA for this reason, and it also offers a free guide for taking your money and investing it into a Gold IRA. The free guide hits home on several points that any investor should consider. 

 The very first point to consider is how everyone can take firm control of their retirement. 

Any dramatic economic changes can show you that there is cause for concern for your potential to keep or lose your job, experience a lay-off, and furthermore, lose what you have set aside for your retirement. 

 Investing with Goldco allows even the beginning investor to be free from the traditional rules of investing. Goldco offers ways of investing that are free from restrictions and fees, unlike the other best gold investment companies out there.

There are fewer limitations when investing with Goldco than you would otherwise experience. This is because working with precious metals is different from traditional investments. 

 I now view investing my money through a different lens. The economy has been changing, so consider how you will invest what you have now wisely, so that you can retire.

Could we be facing a cashless society? If so, the traditional means of coin and paper money will be gone. Consider how your future might be different if you invest your cash gradually into precious metals and gold now before paper money dries up.

Goldco Pros & Cons


  • A+ rating by BBB
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Low fees
  • Free storage for non-IRA precious metals
  • Simple rollovers for IRA & 401K rollovers
  • Special offers for new clients


  • Has a much higher initial deposit minimum than other companies
  • All assets added to Goldco can only be purchased through Goldco

Account Setup:

The website for Goldco does state that those who act quickly will get up to 10% back in free silver. This means that those who open a new account with Goldco can take advantage of this offer. 

Free shipping is also a part of the deal for those who get up to 10% back in free silver, regardless of where you have it sent. 

Click below to get in contact with Goldco for account setup.

Once you put in your information, they will reach out to you!

Goldco is a Gold IRA company review that stood out to us amongst most others for many reasons as stated above and below. 

It's not one to be overtly sales-y or try to push you into anything that won't serve your best interests.

You can feel comfortable talking with them and not making a decision in the first month, or even year you reach out. They offer knowledge, guidance, support, and feedback on your thoughts without even becoming a customer!

You won't find this level of class and professionalism with all of the top gold investment companies on this page, let alone in the United States. 

Goldco Account Fees

Goldco, as well as every other gold investment company, has fees associated with their services and products. The minimum initial investment is $25,000. The First year fees are $260 and every year after is only $180. 

Goldco Makes IRS Penalties Non-Existent

 Goldco ensures that you have the ability to diversify your retirement and protect it at the same time. Weathering financial storms has now become more important than ever, and when the market crashes your bank account won't.

The traditional bank account as the world has always known it will no longer exist. 

 Last but not least, there is also a way for you to take care of your gold investment free of penalties, 100%. Working around the framework of the IRS can be challenging, but it is less challenging when you work with gold. Anyone who uses gold to set up a gold IRA can do so without fear of penalties from the IRS. 

The top gold investment company in the USA:

To put it simply, Goldco has truly been a crowd favorite and named the best gold IRA custodian company reviewed by past clients, experts in the market, and their statistics of client retention. However, we compiled this list for you to do your own research and make the best choice for your situation and needs. Keep reading to hear about their quality competitors. 

#2: Augusta Precious Metals


The second company on the list of my top 5 companies for gold investments is Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta clearly states on their website that they desire to help their clients find peace of mind.

Diversifying funds can be challenging without the right guidance, but doing so with precious metals means working with experts with real working knowledge.

There are 7 distinct advantages of working with August Precious Metals including:

*Respect- Customers are never left to figure things out on their own. They are guided every step of the way.

*Knowledge-It is important that August Precious Metals understand the position of each investor, as well as how current events may impact your investments.

*Accessibility-Every investor will have an assigned agent, but if a call comes in and that agent is not available, a message can be left for anyone to return at any time.

*Commitment-All agents must continue their education in order to serve investors as they continue to call in and ask about services at Augusta. Continual education plays a vital role in how these companies can help you prepare for a better future.

*Selection- Precious metal IRA & physical products are not easy to manage as they are based on current events and consistent changes in the marketplace. Whatever precious metal you choose will be selected carefully to match your portfolio.

*Coordination- Everyone works together to help coordinate building your portfolio. Whether you invest $1,000 or $1 million, an agent from Augusta is there to help you.

Augusta Pros & Cons


  • They focus on deeply committed customer service and helping their customers focus on retirement
  • First-year free of fees and inexpensive fees thereafter
  • Free reviews for portfolios
  • Simple to open up an account with them


  • Processing and adding funds to the IRA takes about 14 days
  • They only offer gold and silver investments

Account Setup:

You must speak with a representative in order to set up your precious metal investment account with Augusta. You will give them your information and from there they will reach out to you after finding you your own personal representative! 

Augusta Experience

Every gold IRA company is different, but with a gold and silver investment option, IRA eligible coins, and information about cash purchases, it can be a win-win for the agent and their investor. All investors will be able to see what sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from other companies. They are deeply committed to helping customers plan ahead for retirement and balance their portfolios along the way. Check out more information below on this gold IRA custodian.

Augusta Consumer Guidance

Once you get your account opened with Augusta Precious Metals, you will be educated to your desire on what they offer and how the process will go for you.

They have numerous customer service departments that specialize on certain topics such as an economics analytics team, gold custodian team, or a legal processing team. 

 The Augusta staff takes care of your legal paperwork so another big plus is not having to hire a lawyer. 

Augusta Account Fees

Augusta Precious Metals offers an inexpensive fee schedule. Most companies will charge the most for your first year, but Augusta offers your first year free of fees! The next years in the future you'll be charged a measly $180/year. However, their minimum investment is one of the highest, at $50,000

#3: Birch Gold Group


Birch Gold makes my list of top 5 gold IRA companies reviewed for so many reasons.  

They attempted to set themselves apart from other investment companies from the beginning, and have been around longer than most of their competitors. 

Birch Gold Group makes it a point to arm their customers with knowledge of the very best at all times when it comes to investing decisions.

 Birch Gold prioritizes the investor, making certain that what is most important to the investor becomes important to them. Their flagship values include:

  • Empowering investors
  • Educating investors 
  • Empathizing with investors 
  • Upholding ethics with investing
  • Transparency with all investors 
  • Being efficient

Birch Gold Pros & Cons


  • High level of service
  • Willing to work with a named custodian
  • Partners with depositories
  • You will work with a gold investment specialist


  • Hidden fees
  • Doesn't work with traditional IRAs

Account Setup:

You must call the company and speak with a representative in order to set up your IRA account.

Birch Gold Experience

As an industry leader and veteran that was founded in 2003, Birch Gold is happy to help its investors as one of the best precious metals IRA custodians. 

They are not limited to just silver and gold, and they are featured on radio shows frequently sharing their knowledge with the world. Although they are located in Burbank, California, they are helping investors across the entire United States.

Birch Consumer Guidance

Birch Gold is willing and able to answer tough questions. Times of instability in the economy are now more evident than ever before. This means that possessing physical gold and silver is just as important as planning for retirement. Why physical gold and silver? Precious metal IRAs as well as physical investments are valid regardless of where you travel.

Birch Account Fees

With Birch Gold, you ca n expect a yearly $180 fee, a $50 precious metal IRA custodian fee, and a $30 money wiring fee.
Birch has one of the lowest minimum investments of only $10,000.

Birch Security

The security of investing in these precious metals is something Birch Gold will teach investors. They hit the fine points on why it matters. This is why so many lean on the Birch Gold Difference before they make the move to work with Birch Gold. Birch can be trusted as one of the best gold and silver investment companies on the market. 

#4: Regal Assets


One of the reasons I admire Regal Assets, is because it was founded by a young man. Tyler Gallagher, a young entrepreneur was wise to invest with small funds. However, he ultimately got big results.

Today, Regal Assets is a thriving company focused on gold and silver IRAs as well as traditional. His goal was to help as many individuals as possible to navigate the difficult landscape of finance with alternative assets.

Regal Assets Pros & Cons


  • Offers buy-back program
  • Client's get guaranteed growth potential
  • Offers many products including cryptocurrency
  • Low minimum investment
  • Expert, friendly customer service


  • High gold prices

Account Setup:

You can quickly and easily set up your account online after signing up with them.

Regal Experience

Investing isn't easy for everyone to jump into, so he wanted to keep it simple for everyone. Today, Regal Assets is helping beginners up to the most seasoned investors. They are also rated as the highest-rated firm in the country for specializing in alternative assets.

Regal Reputation

Everyone knows that when Reuters mentions it, it's a big deal. As a result, Reuters posted on their sign that Regal Assets is now ranked 20th in the country by INC. 500 in financial services. This is big when it comes to finance and diversity in finance.

Regal Account Fees

Regal Assets minimum investment is only $5,000 per year which is much lower than their competitors. They also have low fees! 

You are not charge a percentage of your investment; instead, you will pay a yearly fee of  $250/year, and the first year is complimentary. 

#5: Noble Gold Investments


Have you given thought to how you will retire? Planning for your retirement is critical. Most individuals don't start until later in life. This is why Noble Gold Investments is a good resource.

Noble Gold Investments specializes in helping its clients plan ahead to secure their financial futures. There are several options available with Noble Gold Investments, including storing physical gold in their depository as well as gold/silver IRAs.

Noble Gold Pros & Cons


  • Buy-back program for customers
  • Low minimum investments
  • They refrain from using high-pressure sales tactics
  • Flat fees
  • History of competitive rates


  • Storage is only offered on a national, US level
  • Account setup must be finished over the phone

Account Setup:

You will input your information online, and then speak with a customer service agent over the phone. 


Those who don't like to face high-pressure sales tactics will appreciate the professionalism that Noble Gold offers its clients.

Consumer Guidance

Those who want to learn more about getting a gold IRA can do so with this company as well as door-to-door service.

Noble Gold is also the first and only company to offer the gold and silver storage service to help families protect their investment in gold. 

Account Fees

 Looking for the gold investment company with the lowest minimum startup investment? Well, Noble Gold is it! Their minimum investment is just $2,000. 


Home delivery of physical products is a great addition to the other services that Noble Gold offers, and it's helpful for investors on the go. Any investment company that desires to be a depository must pass strict vetting in order to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRAs

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is similar to a traditional IRA in that it is designed to set you up for a successful retirement. The idea is to set aside money in an account that you cannot touch so that it continues to grow.

An IRA has always been considered the best way to prepare for retirement. However, a gold IRA allows the individual to take physical gold and use it for an individual retirement account. This means gold bullion coins or gold bars may be held in custody to increase in value. 

What should you know before investing in a gold or Precious Metal IRA?

Starting your gold IRA can be a great way to plan for a more successful retirement. However, there are some things you should know before you open your gold IRA account. The process can look daunting, but I researched it heavily prior to opening mine.

You should research the history of gold and why it has had such a tremendous impact on the economy. The US economy has been struggling, and with unemployment, the cash society will not be around much longer.

Speaking with a gold broker will help you gain insight into what actions you should take. They can explain to you how inflation is created, and they can also give you some tips on what moves to make long-term with your gold IRA. 

Some of the things you'll want to consider are: 

  • Gold increases in value unlike paper money
  • Gold can be used anywhere to buy or sell, it's universal 
  • Gold is insurance when inflation hits 
  • Gold gives you buying power 
  • Gold holds higher value because of supply constraints
  • Gold will continue to gain in value because it is increasing in demand
  • Gold allows you to diversify your portfolio to the next level

 It's vital that you understand how your gold IRA will be set up from day 1. Traditional IRAs are not something you can combine with gold. An IRA that is funded with precious metals will be eligible to be funded with precious metals. 

 We believe that the most successful way to go about opening an IRA is self-directed. This means that your IRA will be eligible for precious metals to be rolled in at a later time if desired. 

 Keep in mind that with a self-directed plan, you'll still get the tax benefits that you would get with other IRA accounts. 

What Are Some Gold Bullion Storage Options?

As experts in gold IRAs, we want to share with you the options that are available for gold bullion storage. Most brokers who aid individuals in opening up accounts for gold IRAs are gold bullion brokers.

This means that they assist their clients with answering their questions about gold IRAs as well as providing a way for their clients to physically store their gold.

Those who choose not to invest in a precious metals IRA may want to seek out a reputable organization like The Royal Mint. Investing in with a precious metals ira custodian for many individuals may be a hobby rather than a long-term investment vehicle.

Those who are currently storing gold or silver in their home may wish to use a safe until they have made a long-term decision for storage in the future with a bullion broker.

Why and When should I invest in a gold IRA?

Everyone may say that it's ideal to invest in a gold IRA, but it's important that you know why you should invest in one and understanding when it is the best time to do so. I always tell friends and family that gold is an insurance policy against inflation. Why?

While paper money and coins have an exchange rate, precious metals are unique in that they are universal. When the value of the U.S. dollar drops here in the United States and you cannot use it in another country, you'll still be able to offer gold and silver.

Generally, an IRA is made up of stocks and bonds, and some even have mutual funds. The more traditional IRA is also generally tied to a large financial institution. This could mean a large bank or investment company.

The traditional model for an IRA didn't seem to hold up so well when the financial crisis of 2008 hit hard in the U.S. However, gold and silver have moved in the opposite direction as a result.

During this time you may recall that friends and family were looking for old or broken jewelry to sell off for the price of gold and silver. This is how many survived with the price of medications and healthcare expenses. Some were unable to pay other bills without it.

This is why a gold IRA is a better option long-term. The stocks and bonds were impacted greatly, and everyone was worried about their retirement as a result. Real estate and anything else built on paper money didn't farewell. Case in point that a gold IRA is strong.

So, when is the best time to purchase a gold IRA? It's wise to research this and take action at any time, but at the start of a new year or early spring is also an ideal time. Studies have shown that setting up a gold IRA before August is wise.

This is because with each new year the price will go up. This can deter you from making the best decision if you keep putting it off. There is no time like the present to make a wise decision for your future.

What to Know About Gold IRAs

  • Associated Gold IRA Fees

  • Gold Rules & Regulations

Associated Gold IRA Fees

One of the most important questions you should ask regarding your gold IRA is about fees that are involved in the purchase of your gold bullion. Brokers charge fees as a way of earning their living on the work they do to sell precious metals and set up gold IRAs. 

 Commission fees range anywhere from $30-$50 per transaction. Always ask about what they charge in setup fees, as well as what these brokers may charge as a one-time set-up fee to set up your new account. Regardless of whether it's an IRA or an investment account, there is a fee. 

 Other fees to be aware of include: 

  • Application fees
  • Annual fees 
  • Transaction fees 
  • Storage fees 
  • Wiring fees 
  • The actual cost of your precious metals 

 Application fees are similar to that of applying for a home loan. Many companies take an application fee just to process the application. While there are other companies that do not charge an application fee, they may build fees into the other costs associated with it. Looking through this gold IRA investment comparison will help you see the differences in the market.

 Annual fees are similar to that of credit cards, with the exception that precious metals IRA's are beneficial for you long-term and they increase in value. Investing in precious metals will help you earn more profit in the future, and companies charge to maintain these. 

 The standard annual fee for helping to maintain these accounts is around $75 per year and up. Every company is unique, so it's wise to ask about all of the fees upfront before you make a final decision. 

 Wiring fees are charged for any outgoing wire. Wire transfers are known as a way of making payments electronically. It is an easy way to transfer money from one account to another. These fees must be disclosed in your paperwork, but always ask to ensure that you know upfront. 

 Storage fees are also important to ask about because any precious metals broker will charge to aid in storing your precious metals. They have to account for how it's being stored and how long it's being stored. 

 When considering the cost of precious metals, it only makes sense that what each individual pays will vary. The type of precious metal will vary in price, as well as the spot price on the product type. 

 These are all big considerations to make when planning out your retirement plan. Planning ahead for retirement is a long-term choice. Every choice that you make will determine the financial investment you make as well as the storage space you'll need and the fees involved. 

Pros & Cons of Gold IRAs

There are so many pros to starting your very own gold IRA, and very few cons. The cons do exist, so it's wise to consider all aspects of this type of IRA before you make a final decision, and do a comprehensive gold IRA comparison between the companies on the market. 


  • Tax Benefits:  Gold IRAs, like other investments, are a great tax write-off. Some withdrawals that you get approved can also be free of taxes. 
  • Client Control: The final decisions and investment choices are completely up to the customer, although you will have an expert by your side to help you will all your purchase options and decisions. 
  • Options Once Retired: Once you hit retirement and want to cash out, you can either trade your precious metals in for cash at the current value the market holds, or you can have your precious metals delivered directly to your home.


  • Non-Interest-Earning Investment: You don't earn interest on your gold IRA investment like you do with a regular IRA. 
  • Yearly Fees:  Yearly fees will always be a part of your investment, so this needs to be included when considering how much money you'll be saving. 

How to Get Started With Your Gold IRA

Now that we have given you the basic information about what gold IRA investments are and when to invest, and the benefits it's time to share with you how you can get started.

Self-Directed Gold IRA

The best way to start is to open up a self-directed gold IRA. This allows you to open up by managing yourself, and it gives you the freedom to choose what you want to put into it. This gives you a more broad range of what you can choose without someone choosing for you.

Help of the Best Gold IRA Custodian

You will need to consult with a gold broker to open your account and purchase your gold. A silver or gold custodian will ultimately be the one to create the account and keep tabs on it for you. You can view your precious metals custodian as a manager or someone you can turn to for questions.

Keep in mind that not all gold brokers or precious metal IRA custodians are created equal. This is why we stress the importance of conducting your own research online before you take action on this. It is good to research their reputation and read about their gold IRA company reviews to learn more about them in advance so you can find the best gold IRA custodian for you.

Keep in mind that most custodians of IRA's are connected to traditional IRA accounts. These are publicly traded, and it takes a gold broker with a working knowledge of how a Gold IRA works.

Working with a reputable gold broker can make a dramatic difference between your failure or your success. Success also depends largely on whether or not those who desire a gold IRA are willing to invest time and energy into setting up these investments. Take a look at these precious metals IRA custodian reviews of past clients to get a good feel for where they are at. 

Write down everything that you can think of before you begin your search. Remember that you must determine whether or not you are going to roll over funds from an existing account or an IRA that has already been established.

Selecting who you desire to be your precious metal IRA custodian is also important, and it is also wise to keep in mind that you won't want to invest more than 15% of your portfolio at a maximum.Make sure to do a comprehensive gold IRA comparison before making any choices.

The IRS does offer some approved ratings for those they recommend. The IRS would only do so for those they feel will abide by the rules and regulations which will also ensure that your choices have followed these important guidelines.

Transparency is key when you are investing your own money for your retirement. We are transparent with the information we share, and both the investor, broker and gold custodian should be transparent with what they share as well.

Although having a gold IRA is a worthy endeavor, it may not be for you. We suggest that you consider how well it will fit into your portfolio.

The marketplace will fluctuate. It goes up and down, and it will continue to do so for as long as the market exists.

Always diversify and look at various strategies and ways to implement them. A gold IRA will give you the diversity you need, along with the long-term protection you need when inflation strikes.

As the value of the U.S. dollar continues to dissipate consider the benefits of starting your search for a gold broker today. If you continue to wait you'll have less peace of mind and you'll have less security for your future.

Although some companies market in a very attractive way it does not mean that they offer an attractive level of customer service. Some other good IRA company options however include Lear Capital, Monetary Gold and JM Bullion.

Last but not least, consult with your financial planner to discuss a long-term plan for your finances. Don't leave your money or your future to chance. It is never too late to pick up the phone and set up a meeting to discuss your options.

It's never too late unless there is a major economic collapse again and you don't have a plan in place. Your success depends on the decisions that you are making today. Those who have taken the time to invest in a gold IRA have never doubted that they made a great decision.

Looking for more guided Gold IRA info, but don't know where to start?

Check out this guide we like to recommend for both beginners and those with experience in precious metal investing.