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Are you looking for ways to expand your retirement accounts? 

If you are fascinated with precious metals investments, you should consider Monetary Gold Company.

 Since its launch in 2000 in Woodland Hills, California, Monetary Gold has been a reputable precious metals dealer.

Also, collectors and investors can readily buy a wide range of semi-numismatic and certified-graded coins.

 The company has over 20 years of experience in the world of precious metals investment. 

To this end, it provides its customers with education and responsive customer service, ensuring they meet their investment goals.


#1: Goldco- Our Top Recommendation


  • Lower yearly fees than competitors
  • No option to be penalized
  • The best company overall for investments in precious metals
  • 15 years of experience
  • Highly-rated customer service

About Monetary Gold

Over the years, precious metals have proven to be a haven for investments.

They are often considered as one of the top 20 companies for diversified and balanced investment portfolios. Founded in July 2000, Monetary Gold enables its customers to diversify and preserve their lifestyle for their future by investing in precious physical metals.

The company, like JM Bullion, provides its clients with a wide variety of gold and silver products added to portfolios or held in Precious Metals IRAs.

Its catalog consists of silver and gold IRA-eligible bullion coins, semi-numismatic coins, and certified-graded coins. 

Retirement savers can also invest in some of the most popular IRA-approved coins from Monetary Gold. But, it does not offer any palladium or platinum products.

The difference between Monetary Gold and other companies like Lear Capital Gold is its prices. Many companies dealing with precious metals investment serve as middlemen. 

When it comes to Monetary Gold, the company directly acquires its precious metals from the source. In turn, it passes cost savings to its clients.

Furthermore, this company educates and informs customers about investing in the world of precious metals. 

Several free information kits are available on its website, including ‘Gold IRA Investment Guide,’ and ‘Coin Guide.’
There is also a Resources Section and a Market News section.

Clients can get a plethora of information related to precious metals investments, including up-to-date metal prices, media, and videos, among many others.

Delaware Depository also provides international storage options.

When clients buy precious metals from this firm, they can store their investments in the Delaware Depository at an extra cost. 

The facility is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London and offers both non-segregated and segregated storage options.

Its facilities utilize sub-custodial services with Bank of Nova Scotia located in Toronto, Canada, and VIA MAT International in Zurich, Switzerland. 

It is also worth noting that GoldStar Trust Company provides Monetary Gold with custodial services.

Monetary Gold Pros and Cons

Below is a breakdown of some of the pros and cons of Monetary Gold.


  • Many years of experience in investing in precious metals
  • Exemplary record of customer service
  • Provides its clients with safe investment options
  • Fast, simple, and transparent IRA account opening process
  • Large selection of gold and silver bullions
  • Free workshops for clients to gain knowledge and consult with experts


  • Does not offer platinum or palladium bullions; only silver and gold
  • Prices are not available online

Services Offered by Monetary Gold

As mentioned earlier, Monetary Gold is among the few American Gold IRA companies that directly deal with the source when making precious metal transactions. 

As a result, the company, like Birch Gold Group, offers lower prices for gold and silver products compared to its competitors. 

 The company’s investment products consist of silver and gold IRA-approved coins, semi-numismatic coins, and certified-graded coins.

If clients want to hold any of these products in a self-directed IRA, they can opt for any of their silver and gold coins.

Silver Options for Purchase

• Peace Silver Dollar
• Morgan Silver Dollars
• Half Franklin Dollars
• Silver Proof American Eagle
• Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars
• Silver American Eagle
• Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Gold Options for Purchase

$20 Saint Gaudens
• $10 Indian
• German 20 Marks

• Swiss 20 Franc
• Napoleon III 20 Franc
• Italian 20 Lire

• American Gold Buffalo
• Gold Australian Philharmonic
• South African Krugerrands

• $20 Liberty
• $10 Liberty
• Gold British Sovereign

• French 20 Mark Angel
• French 20 Mark Rooster
• Belgium 20 Franc

• Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
• Gold American Eagle 4PC. Proof Set
• Gold American Eagle

Currently, the firm does not offer any platinum or palladium products.

But, the website shows that both metals will be available soon.


Currently, Monetary Gold’s website does not include a set fee for placing an order with them.

But, the price of your preferred transaction will vary based on gold’s fluctuating price. 

Upon purchasing with Monetary Gold, it covers up to five years of custodial fees for all clients that qualify.

One-Time Fees


IRA set-up fee


Maintenance fee


Storage fee


Minimum Investments

Purchase type

Min. Investment

Precious Metal IRAs


Cash Purchases


General Investing FAQs

Is it possible to fund a Monetary Gold IRA from an existing retirement savings account?

Yes. Monetary Gold accepts funds from traditional IRAs, including SEP IRAs and Roth IRAs. Clients can also perform a penalty-free and tax-free direct rollover from a 403 (b) and 401 (k).

How do I open a precious metal IRA with Monetary Gold?

 Opening a precious metal IRA with Monetary Gold involves three simple steps. They include filling in an application, funding your precious metal IRA, and then you proceed to buy your precious metals. This process takes place within 48-72 hours.

Do clients receive account statements for their Gold IRAs?

 Upon opening your precious metal IRA, you will have an assigned IRA custodian. The IRA custodian will send you regular statements for as long as you hold the IRA. There is also an option to monitor your Gold IRA online.

Does Monetary Gold have a buyback program?

No. Currently, Monetary Gold does not offer a buyback program.

 What are the criteria for choosing a custodian for a precious metal IRA in Monetary Gold?

With the help of Monetary Gold’s IRA specialists, clients can make an informed decision on which is the most suitable IRA custodian. Monetary Gold partners with Gold Star Trust Company, New Direction IRA, Strata Trust, Sterling Trust, and Entrust to provide custodian services to its clients. All these companies have different benefits and fees, which the IRA specialists will help you compare and make a choice.

Where are precious metal IRAs stored when bought from Monetary Gold?

 Thanks to Delaware Depository, we will store the precious metal IRAs purchased by our clients securely. 

What Makes Monetary Gold Unique?

 Every collector and investor seeks to work with an investment firm that will assist them in diversifying and growing their wealth.

Monetary Gold is a unique precious metal investment firm that aids its clients with their investments and helps make the process as streamlined as possible. 

 Monetary Gold also shows an impressive commitment to education and support, more so than companies like Lear Gold and others. 

Thanks to its responsive and impeccable customer service team, the firm provides relevant information about precious metal investments.

It constantly informs them of market prices, trends, and other valuable resources. 

 The Monetary Gold analytics team is readily available to offer other additional services to US citizens seeking to invest in precious metals.

Such services include additional purchases, buyback programs, and many more precious metal services.

What you need to know about gold and silver investing:

 The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1977 made it possible for US citizens to invest in precious metals as their retirement savings.

In turn, this made it legal for them to invest in precious metal IRAs, which offer the same worry-free benefits as traditional IRAs.

 Additionally, those who opt to invest in such precious metals gain more control over their investment assets.

This is not the case when you invest in stocks and bonds.

Likewise, gold and silver IRAs are more stable than the stock market since they value regardless of economic volatility.

Other benefits of investing in precious metals include:

 • They are safe from cybercrime since they are tangible assets

 • These assets do not fluctuate in price

 • Serve as diversification in client’s investment portfolio

 • Fast and simple process of opening gold and silver IRAs

In Conclusion,

 When it comes to investing in gold and silver IRAs, Monetary Gold is an ideal choice. 

With over 20 years of experience in the world of precious metals IRAs, the firm guarantees that you will reach your investment and retirement goals in no time!

Our top recommendations are Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco, but we always say to read up about other companies and see which is the right fit for you.